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EdinburghArtFair | 23rd-25th November
Edinburgh Corn Exchange, New Market Road, EH14 1RJ

CAI Collective
In 2017, CAFA ART INFO initiated the young artists exhibition project entitled “CAFA Young Artist Laboratory”, which aims to present the status and ideas of contemporary young artists in the process of exploration and experimentation. CAFA ART INFO has relied on the academic background and resources of Central Academy of Fine Arts in China for many years, focusing on the academic, the contemporary and young artists. It has become an influential platform for academic information. This exhibition opportunity allows CAFA ART INFO to go from online to offline with a “topic research” approach, it further explores the spirit and expression of contemporary artists. In 2018, CAFA ART INFO presented the second exhibition of CAI Young Artist Laboratory “Detachment” from 16 March to 16 April at Feefan’s Art Gallery. This exhibition of CAI Young Artist Laboratory, extends from self-knowledge to the broader theme of “all things”. Under the theme of “objects”, through the artist’s touch and observation of the abstract and concrete “objects” through to a discussion on creation with a forward looking perspective, which prompts the conversion of some daily experiences, as well as the complicated relationship between objects, objects and things, objects and the world.

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